Fuel Drain’s Fleet Contract Service offers peace of mind for businesses

If you’re operating multiple vehicles and wish to assure that their time off the road is minimised in the event of an accident, Fuel Drain can ensure a swift and effective fuel evacuation service and safeguard the impact on your business. 

Why choose Fuel Drain for your Fleet Contract?

Fuel Drain is a leading U.K. provider of fuel evacuation assistance, operating 24/7 nationwide to relieve drivers of the stress and expense of fuelling up incorrectly. 

Over 150,000 cases of the wrong fuel being introduced to an engine occur every year in the British Isles alone. Fuel Drain is a qualified and experienced team of certificated professionals who can respond quickly and effectively to remove, transport, store and dispose of the fuel, whilst most importantly getting your vehicle back on the road. 

A fully ISO/PAS43 licensed and accredited service, Fuel Drain can also offer you peace of mind on any number of vehicles by putting in place a fleet management service. If you would like to talk to us about your requirements please do not hesitate to call us on 03332 103835 alternatively you can get in contact with us via email by filling out our contact form one of the members of the team will only be too happy to help. 


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