Wrong Fuel In Your Bike?

We have all been out for a motorbike ride into an area that we don’t know and refilled at a station that we are not used to. Equally, we have all filled up at the end of the day when we are not paying as much attention as we might. Either way, filling your bike up with the wrong type of fuel is a much more common experience than you might think. 

If you do fill up with diesel, for instance, the damage to your bike’s engine can be severe, particularly if you were running low before stopping. In such cases, getting to a garage is often impractical. Instead, opt for a mobile fuel draining service which can sort the problem out for you where you are.

Covering the East of England, Fuel Drain can empty the tank of your motorbike for you quickly and efficiently, allowing you to fill up once more and be on your way. Furthermore, their pumping equipment allows for the fuel to be removed in a safe way that avoids potential hazards.

If you have a problem with the wrong fuel in your bike, Give us a call on 03332 103835 one of our engineers will be more than happy to come out to you and get you back on the open road.

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